Donations & VIP Charity Ticket Packages

Every month DPAC receives nearly 100 donation requests from worthy organizations across the Triangle and beyond. Unfortunately, our contracts with the shows that visit DPAC do not allow for us to give away tickets to the many  local charitable groups and fundraising events that make requests.

VIP Charity Ticket Packages

There is, though, an exciting option that many groups have found very worthwhile in their fundraising efforts. For groups which can purchase tickets for their fundraising events, DPAC will add at no charge the following VIP amenities: VIP Parking, complimentary drinks in our Presidents’ Lounge before an event. In addition, the seats purchased by the charity will be our very best VIP House Seats located in the first 15 rows of the orchestra. Many groups have found that these VIP additions ultimately garner a much higher value in their fundraising efforts, even after purchasing the base tickets in the package.

To request a VIP Charity Ticket Package, please include the following information in your request:

  • Name of the charity and/or the charitable fundraising event.
  • Date and title of event for which you would like to a purchase VIP Ticket Package.
  • Contact information for the person purchasing the VIP Ticket Package.
  • Details on how DPAC and the VIP Ticket Package will be promoted and publicized.

Send requests in writing to:

DPAC VIP Charity Ticket Packages
123 Vivian Street
Durham, NC 27701

or Click Here to make a donation request via email.