The Hip Hop Nutracker - Virtual Performance

Tickets are $20

Content Advisory

DPAC offers a diverse selection of entertainment. Not all productions will appeal to or be appropriate for every guest or for all ages. Ticket buyers should take responsibility for making informed decisions regarding their purchases. We recommend visiting the official website of each show to learn more about the show. If you ever have questions about the content or appropriateness of a show, please contact us at

How it Works

Click the purchase ticket button to buy a General Admission or VIP ticket.  Upon completion of purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to login to the performance.  On the day of the show, follow those instructions and you will be allowed entry when the performance is ready to begin. 


General Admission must view at scheduled time. 


VIP package performances are video on demand and allows viewer to watch over 48 hour window (following initial scheduled time) and view a post-show conversation with the show’s creators.

Post show conversation will be live and will start at 85 minutes after the initial scheduled showtime.

VIP package includes an autographed show poster.  Purchaser must include address and phone in confirmation in order to receive

Event Schedule

Show Length
85 minutes