Heart of the Arts

Since 2008, DPAC's community outreach program, "Heart of the Arts," has been making connections between the shows and audiences at DPAC and local non-profit arts and education groups such as the Carolina Theatre of Durham, Durham Arts Council, Durham Public Schools, and the Hayti Heritage Center.

DPAC’s commitment to being a bridge between touring professional theater and Durham students includes the following opportunities:

  • Master classes presented by actors and technical members of the touring Broadway shows can be held at your school. The expertise that is conveyed by theater professionals is often some of the most relevant and direct information that prospective young theater students can receive.
  • Backstage tours offer students the chance to see effects, wardrobe, scenery and other theatrical ‘magic’ from a behind the scenes point of view during non-performance days. Students can see what the actor sees from on stage and gain a historical overview of DPAC.
  •  Post-show discussions after performances feature actors and tech crew fresh from the stage to answer student questions and talk about their experiences onstage and off.
  • Orchestra rehearsals for music students to watch and listen to Broadway musicians as they ready the score for the performance.

For Durham’s non-profit arts groups, Heart of the Arts offers these opportunities to connect their events with audiences at DPAC:

  • Information table and coming attraction displays at DPAC events
  • Promotional slides on DPAC’s lobby video screens before events
  • Non-profit arts group information inserted into DPAC ticket mailings

For more information, please contact Megan Rindoks at [email protected]

Here at DPAC, we believe that every child should have the chance to see real people perform on a stage and experience the magic of live musical theater.

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One of the commitments that we are most proud of at DPAC is being a bridge between professional Broadway shows and area students.

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