Inclement Weather Alerts

When inclement weather beyond any of our control affects the area, no one wins. In the face of inclement weather or poor travel conditions caused by inclement weather, you will never hear representatives at DPAC proclaim the clichéd slogan “the show must go on.” As much as anyone, we understand the hardship and concerns that inclement weather can cause. At the same time, you will also see us working hard to present our events as planned and scheduled.

Information on the status of events at DPAC is updated continuously during inclement weather events.

Upcoming DPAC Events:

  •  All performances will proceed as scheduled.

Inclement Weather FAQ

Do the shows DPAC hosts ever cancel performances due to inclement weather?

Almost never. In fact, just one performance in the over 1,500 we have hosted has ever been cancelled due to inclement weather. The shows we host control this decision and only cancel or postpone their shows in the following situations:

  • Performers are unable to travel to DPAC.
  • Overriding action taken by government authorities that includes the imposition of a defined curfew or an enforced travel ban in Durham, NC.
  • Interruption of utility services to the building.

Can’t the shows just reschedule the performance(s) that occur during inclement weather?

Unlike local productions that can easily reschedule, the big touring shows we host cannot be rescheduled for years, if ever. On average, a majority of guests attend their ticketed DPAC performances during inclement weather. The shows we host perform as scheduled so that those that can and do attend do not miss the show they have been promised and have been highly anticipating.

Can I exchange my tickets to another performance of the same show?

It depends. For shows with multiple performances, normally the window for exchanges ends 72 hours before the show you are holding tickets for. During inclement weather, we suspend these rules and try to accommodate exchanges for another later date of the same show. You must contact us with this request no later than six hours before show time. The challenge is that not all shows have open seats to move into since so many shows at DPAC sell out. Please note, tickets can only be exchanged for another performance of the same show.  Unfortunately, our contracts with the shows we host do not allow for the exchange of tickets from one event to a different event. Exchanges can be requested at [email protected].

Why can’t you just issue a refund or credit if I cannot attend?

For every dollar you pay for a ticket at DPAC, the majority of that dollar is paid directly to the show as part of their contracted fee. If DPAC were to offer refunds or credits without the show approving, DPAC would not be able to meet its financial obligations to the show. Before purchasing tickets for events at DPAC, please know that all sales are final.

What happens if I cannot attend a performance?

Under special circumstances, DPAC does offer those that miss the show the option of attending a future DPAC event as a make-good if weather or travel conditions prevent you from attending your ticketed performance. Special conditions of this make-good ticket offer include:

Where can I get the latest information on road conditions in and around Durham?

We have found the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) website and its Traveler Information Management System to be very helpful. The NCDOT site is updated often and includes traffic maps, access to traffic cameras (where you can view actual conditions and traffic along your route) plus summaries of reported conditions and special alerts during inclement weather.

What can we expect from DPAC if there is inclement weather?

When there is inclement weather in our region, DPAC is as disappointed as anyone about the difficulties that the weather or travel conditions can cause. Our commitment to our guests in times of inclement weather is as follows:

Can I give my tickets to a friend to use?