Thu, July 9

DPAC Moves to Mobile Entry Starting September 1, 2020

Beginning September 1, 2020, DPAC will move to mobile entry for all upcoming performances.  Mobile entry is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets, while increasing protection against fraud.  DPAC is proud to offer this service as a way to further enhance the DPAC experience.


Through the new mobile entry process, DPAC will be able to offer:

  • Instant access to tickets 24 hours a day on mobile devices
  • The ability to manage, transfer, exchange, purchase, or sell your tickets at any time
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit, or forgotten tickets

"For ticket buyers, mobile entry can provide several benefits,” said Nels Popp, Associate Professor of Sport Administration at UNC Chapel Hill.  “Mobile tickets are typically more secure than traditional paper tickets as they can't be misplaced or damaged. Because we are used to having our smart phones with us wherever we go, it is also less likely that we forget the tickets at home or in the coat pocket hanging in the closet. Mobile tickets can also easily be transferred to someone else, particularly if they are being re-sold, and the transaction can take place at the last minute.”


With the transition to mobile entry, DPAC will join a host of other organizations and venues in the live entertainment industry who have already implemented this new practice, including major sports associations, such as:

  • All 32 National Football League teams
  • 23 out of 30 National Basketball Association teams
  • 24 out of 31 National Hockey League teams

Mobile entry practices have also been established at many nationally acclaimed theatres, arenas, and amphitheaters, including:

  • The Pantages Theater (Los Angeles, CA)
  • The Nederlander Theatre (Chicago, IL)
  • Capital One Arena (Washington, DC)
  • Little Caesars Arena (Detroit, MI)
  • Red Bull Arena (Harrison, NJ)
  • American Airlines Arena (Miami,  FL)
  • The Civic Theatre and The Balboa Theatres (San Diego, CA)

In 2019, the Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes moved to mobile entry, paving the way for other local venues to adapt this technology.


“DPAC serves tens of thousands of fans every year who deserve the best live event experiences possible, which digital ticketing helps make possible,” said Marla Ostroff, EVP of Performing Arts & Strategic Accounts for Ticketmaster North America. “By transitioning to mobile entry, DPAC fans will see ticketing fraud eradicated, along with quicker entry times and a personalized experience, making for easier and more enjoyable show experiences.”


Mobile entry, which is powered by DPAC’s official ticketing partner Ticketmaster, will give DPAC a better understanding of who guests are prior to every performance through this new adaptation.  Now, more than ever, it is critical for venues to know who is in possession of each ticket in order to be able to share important information with them regarding health and safety measures before the doors open and the show begins.  In addition, the transition to mobile tickets will allow DPAC to provide a contactless entry process for every touchpoint at each event, further enhancing the health and safety of every guest. 


In addition, mobile entry will allow DPAC to provide a more personalized guest experience at each event.  As guests enter the building, name recognition technology will make it possible for DPAC staff to greet each guest by name.  Additionally, DPAC will be able to provide guests with push notifications directly to their smartphones in real-time to share information about event updates, special offers, and important safety messages.


Mobile entry also allows guests to have more flexibility when it comes to handling their tickets.  No longer will guests have to stand in long will call lines or wait outside because a friend or family member is running late. With mobile entry, guests’ tickets will arrive directly to their phones and can be texted to friends and family.


In 2021, DPAC will further enhance its mobile entry offering by incorporating Ticketmaster’s latest SafeTix™ technology, which ties a unique, identifiable digital ticket to each guest’s mobile phone through an encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds. These enhancements protect against tickets being screenshotted or photocopied and sold multiple times by unscrupulous resellers.


For guests, SafeTix will provide the ability to seamlessly sell or transfer tickets to a friend’s mobile phone number or email address.  With the new technology, each time a ticket is transferred or sold, a new digital ticket will be tied to the recipient’s account and phone, providing complete visibility into the chain of custody of each issued ticket. 


"Providing reassurance to patrons that ticket office personnel will always be available makes a big difference in how mobile entry is received by ticket buyers, said Popp.  “The transition to electronic tickets can be daunting at first, but we have seen substantial adoption of mobile entry for industries like airlines, sports, and movie theaters. In many cases, it has quickly become the preferred ticketing option for ticket buyers and will likely become the norm within a few short years."


While mobile entry will provide a wealth of new benefits for guests, DPAC understands that this shift may also present new challenges, including problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and additional time that must be devoted to learning the digital platform.  Throughout the transition process, DPAC is committed to ensuring guests are fully educated and prepared for how best to manage their mobile tickets.  In addition, the venue will happily work with any guest on a case-by-case basis who does not own a smartphone.


Starting September 1, DPAC will have a dedicated mobile assistance team at every event to help guests access their tickets and share comprehensive information on best practices for the new digital platform.  Hand-outs will also be available with step-by-step instructions.  Online, guests will be able to view an assortment of tutorial videos on DPAC’s website, and emails containing ticketing information will be sent out prior to each event.


For more information on mobile entry, please visit DPAC’s Mobile Entry Frequently Asked Questions webpage at