3 Easy Steps for Ordering Season Seats

1. Pick your performance

Each Broadway show we host has 8 performances as follows:

  • Tues Eve
  • Wed Eve
  • Thu Eve
  • Fri Eve
  • Sat Mat
  • Sat Eve
  • Sun Mat
  • Sun Eve

2. How many shows would you like to see?  Six, or Seven?

  • One final consideration is whether you want to opt for our full seven-show season or our flexible six-show package option.  Please note that if you opt for our six-show package you are initially charged for the full seven-show package.  Your opt out show choice(s) will be processed within a week of your purchase, and you will be refunded the difference.

3. Time to order

  • Contact Waleed Kahlil, Membership Manager at WKahlil@DPACnc.com or call at (919) 281-0817 to reserve your seats.

                          New Season Seat Locations

New season seat locations open on Monday, May 15th.  At that time, over 1,000 new seating options will be available for you to choose from.

For updates and reminders regarding these new season seat locations, please sign up for our email list.

Need Assistance?

Please contact Waleed Kahlil at wkahlil@dpacnc.com or call at (919) 281-0817 and our Membership Manager can walk you through every step and every option. 


Email Your Membership Manager