Discover Broadway 

DPAC’s Discover Broadway ticket donation program is on pause until performances resume. Our specific timeline for reopening will be based on guidance and governance by State and local officials. When events resume, we expect DPAC to be busier than ever and are planning over 200 performances for 2021.  As DPAC works toward reopening, we’re optimistic about the future and can’t wait until our shows and audiences return.   


DISCOVER BROADWAY: For many kids, there is no chance to see a live Broadway musical. With approximately one in five children in the United States living below the federal poverty level (U.S. Census, 2014), experiencing enriching cultural activities is challenging for some and impossible for many. Donations of 2 or more seats are offered to students in Durham Public Schools and programs dedicated to the education of Durham youth, such as Partners for Youth Opportunity in Durham. 

Single ticket donations are offered to students at North Carolina Central University.

Here at DPAC, we believe that every person should have the chance to see real people perform on a stage and experience the magic of live musical theater. For those that we serve through these programs, these opportunities are more than just a ticket, they’re a chance to experience something that could inspire goals and dreams for the future.

Donate Tickets

In response to requests from Season Seat Members for options to donate tickets to a charitable cause, DPAC has created the DPAC Discover Broadway program. By donating tickets that you cannot use or exchange, your generosity will help local students in Durham attend an event they would otherwise be unable to afford. For a person who has only dreamed of attending a professional theater event, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you are interested in donating, please email us at [email protected].


  • The Ticket donations deadline is at least 72 hours before a show date. 
  • The tickets will be given to a partnered organization who will distribute to a deserving child and their parent/guardian. DPAC does not distribute tickets directly to individuals or families. DPAC has partnered with certified 501(c)(3) organizations that serve low-income or at-risk children in the Durham area.
  • Once tickets have been donated, they are not able to be recalled or reused.