Come to The Band’s Visit for an engaging and exciting experience!

By Lulu Burnside

To start off the year with The Band’s Visit was truly an amazing experience. I had actually seen The Band’s Visit before on Broadway, so it was really fun to see it again, this time closer to home. One thing that I love about this show is that it’s really unique in its style—not only does the plot focus on getting across important messages of empathy and love of others, but it gets those points across using particularly deep characters and settings. Another thing to note is that those settings and characters, as of now, come from a cultural background that is extremely unrepresented in the theatre industry. This show aims to change that, and wants to educate their audience on aspects of culture that Americans might be completely unaware of. I loved every single aspect of the show, and I think it’s a show that anyone who’s interested in new cultures and loves musicals should come to see!

            One recurring theme of The Band’s Visit that I think is especially important is their emphasis on the importance of culture, stories, and music. Throughout the show, they make constant references to Egyptian artists, and the way that the show builds throughout its runtime shows the dedication the writers put into cultural references. Each one of the characters integrates their theme of music into the plotline in a different way, making the theme so much more important and more relatable to everyone in the audience. I would totally recommend you going to see it!


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