Ain't Never Had Friends Like These

By Blaine Garner

We all know the story, even if you haven't seen the story of Aladdin.   Boy meets girl, falls in love, can’t marry her…. happily ever after. The biggest difference in Aladdin is its emphasis on friendship. The show emphasizes the good friendships between Aladdin and the Genie and Aladdin and his friends. There is, of course, the bad friendship of Jafar and Iago too. Throughout the shows these friends stayed true to each other and stood by each other until the end.  That is the reason Aladdin has made a difference for me.  


I've had the  amazing opportunity of being chosen as one of the ambassadors to DPAC.   This experience is wonderful because of two reasons: The first reason is the amazing opportunity to volunteer at DPAC and watch the shows. The second is the other ambassadors, whom I was so lucky to spend the evening with. Like in the show, I hope that the friendships with my other ambassadors is like the genie said “you’ve never had a friend like me”.   I hope our friendships last beyond this experience!