A Must-See For Everyone


By Lauryn Murphy


Aladdin was absolutely amazing, the cast, the costumes, and the set. When the show begins, you are instantly captivated by its beauty, it is like an explosion of colors. Each costume the characters wear are truly works of art, going back stage we learned that one of the men’s costumes has over 100 Swarovski crystals on them, which is why we are blinded when they dance. The way the set and props are used is really creative and they all seem to have secret compartments that people will come out of at anytime. The flying carpet was a mystery within itself and it gave the show the type of Disney magic you've always wished for. The show also uses a lot of illusion which makes sense because it is all about magic.


The cast is spectacular the way they can dance almost constantly while singing and still look gorgeous doing it must be a superpower. The chemistry between Jasmine and Aladdin makes it seem as if they were really falling in love with each other during this show and that they aren't just acting.Some of my favorite characters from the show weren’t even in the original movie, like Aladdin's three friends Babkat, Omar, and Kassim. I feel like their characters really brought a different side of Aladdin out. Their song "High Adventures" was by far one of the most funny songs in the show. Honestly, I think I like this version of Aladdin more than the original movie, it is a must see for everyone.