Behind-the-Scenes with the Costumes of Disney's Aladdin

By Tyler Hill

My Aladdin experience was really enjoyable. I was backstage as the show was going on, and saw how the production executed all the amazing parts that made the show so magical. Such as the magic carpet ride, Jafar’s transformation sequences, and so much more. I saw how Jafar actually had to wear three separate costumes in order to represent each form he took. Then a technician had to go behind and physically pull the costume off of him with each transformation cue. The production is also highly prop and quick change based. This meant that lots of the costumes were set out in a way where all you would have to do is slip them on over your head, or they would look like a shirt and pants, but they are really just a onesie.  The amount of detail put into the costumes and props is amazing, each piece has multiple jewels and feathers. It honestly would not surprise me if some pieces had over one hundred jewels on them. The show must be expensive because they also need to have specially made costumes for each understudy of different characters as they are made to fit the individuals.