I Was Transported to a Whole New World

By Emma Welch

Live theatre has progressed so far over the years, including advanced lighting, set rigs, projections, stunts, pyrotechnics and so much more. Aladdin is a hallmark of these advancements, demonstrating all of the aspects mentioned to a tee. I was completely mesmerized by the entire show. The costumes, the lights, and the backgrounds were astonishing. Do you know that the show travels with 20 freight trucks? That’s absolutely insane! I had the privilege of going backstage. The organization of props, sets, and costumes was impeccable. Every prop and costume are designed specifically for Aladdin, ensuring the entire show is distinctly unique. As an audience member, you feel like you’re transported to a “whole new world.”

As much as I can gush over the show as a whole, I need to touch on some of the intricacies. As an ensemble member told us backstage, the quickest costume change is 7 seconds. The show is filled with approximately a hundred quick changes, each executed flawlessly and as if with ease. The few consecutive costume changes Jafar makes during the wedding scene looked so effortless and it was easy to believe that the Genie had magically transformed him each time. Did I mention how realistic the sword fighting looked? Later I learned that the swords are very real steel and sharpened for the shows, you know, for “effect.” Finally, I have to mention, the onstage “Disney magic” which still puzzles me to this day and truly made me feel like a kid again watching the original movie. Although, while I’d like to delve further into some of these effects, I want to keep this a surprise for future viewers.  Aladdin at the DPAC was a spectacular experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend for children and adults of all ages to witness extraordinary live technical feats.