My Experience as a Volunteer at DPAC

By Grant Silver

On Thursday October 10th, I had my first experience as a DPAC ambassador. I was invited to go see Aladdin and get a bonus backstage tour. Another activity we got to participate in was being a volunteer at DPAC. I was assigned to help guest’s find the location of their seats from the front lobby. I was a little nervous at first since this was my first time doing something like this. But my volunteer partner gave me an in depth description on what to do in any scenario. A lot of people came up to us to ask for help finding their seats. I started with just seeing what my volunteer partner did. Then once I got comfortable, I started to help more people.

Another great thing about the experience was how kind and understanding the guests I was assisting were with me. There were a couple times I stuttered or went slow but the guests seemed to be understanding of the situation I was in. Another aspect I noticed were just how many amazing other volunteers there were during the whole experience which made the event run very smoothly. I had some questions about how to get to the box seats the ambassadors were in and the other volunteers gladly helped me find my seat. Overall my experience was phenomenal and I cannot wait to volunteer again! Thank you to DPAC, Aladdin, and all of the amazing volunteers who helped make my experience and many others great!