My Experience at Disney's Aladdin


By MK Ware


Last night as a Durham Performing Arts Ambassador, I got the absolute pleasure of seeing Aladdin. From the high-end musical numbers to the glorious actors on stage, Aladdin was by far one of the best shows I’ve seen. Not only that, but the ambassadors got to go backstage afterward and see what takes place behind the scenes! From costumes, sets and props, it was breathtaking to see what happens in the background, so that what is seen out front is fantastic.


As an ambassador, I was also awarded the opportunity to volunteer before the show started. I was assigned to hand out bins for the security check, making sure that all the guests had emptied out their metal items, before going through security. This job, in particular, was quite enjoyable, just due to the fact that I got to interact with several individuals, and my volunteer partner was phenomenal! DPAC’s staff and volunteer staff were so kind and enjoyable to work with, making it obvious as to how they continue hosting brilliant productions and keep all the fans coming too!