My New Friend Goran : How Theatre Connects People From All Backgrounds


By Maximiliano Fernandez Escalona


My very first time volunteering at the DPAC as an ambassador was a nervous time for me until I got my assignment.  Goran and I shook hands, I noticed he had an accent so I asked “Where are you from?” His response was “Sweden, and you?” I was immediately excited as a child of immigrants, it’s always so exciting to exchange experiences with someone who has also been outside the United States and speaks more than one language.  


He showed me the ropes of ushering, ask to see peoples’ tickets, locating the section, and then directing them to the right side and floor of the building, and providing additional information like where the elevators, concessions, merchandise, and restrooms are.  He also explained where the sections were, what stairwells were closest to different aisles, and how to spot people who might need help. We exchanged stories of our travels, the funny things we’ve noticed as people of other cultures, and our experiences in the United States in comparison to the other places we’re from and have lived in.  


I had the best time ushering with Goran, he was very patient with me when I made mistakes and it made it easier to get the ball rolling, and by the end of our time together, I felt super comfortable directing people to their seats.  By the time I met up with the other ambassadors, I felt like I really belonged to the volunteer community of the DPAC and was excited to be there. I would really recommend volunteering somewhere you love to be, even if that means you have to throw yourself into a bit of uncertainty.  You never know who you’ll meet and perhaps even befriend!