Seeing Aladdin, Volunteering, & Getting a Backstage Tour


By Emerson Kirby


Aladdin at DPAC is a wonderful experience, filled with adventure, magic, and flying carpets!  The show keeps the audience both laughing and smiling throughout the performance!


It was an amazing experience to help volunteer before the show.  I was paired up with a mentor volunteer, who showed me what it was like to greet people as they were walking to DPAC.  My favorite part was definitely seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces when we mentioned the flying carpet. Everyone was excited for the show, and I think that greeting them definitely helped them feel more welcome and at home at DPAC.


We also got to go through a backstage tour after the show, led by one of the managers of the Aladdin show!  She showed us the colorful, glittery costumes up close and they were so impressive. She also showed us the props and explained how some of them worked, and we got to see how truly complicated it was to put the show together and make it an amazing experience for viewers.  Being on the DPAC stage in front of all the seats was a surreal feeling, and it was one of my favorite parts of the night.