Donna Summer Blog Post 

By: Franklin Kennedy. Alyssa Serre, Rachel Serre, Blaine Garner


Q: What interested you in going to see the SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical?


Alyssa Serre: I’m really into musicals, so I always love to see ones I haven’t seen. I had heard of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical before and was very curious to see how they put it all together. This show definitely did not disappoint. 


Rachel Serre: I was able to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway which is similar to Summer: The Donna Summer Musical as they are both musicals that tell the stories of two iconic female singers that changed music history. I was interested in how they would tell the story of Donna Summer (and they did an excellent job). 


Blaine Garner: To be completely honest I had no idea who Donna Summer was and at first did not have any big desire to go to the event. It amazes me how often I can experience something amazing without wanting to be there!


Franklin Kennedy: My parents grew up with music by Donna Summer, so they were really excited when DPAC announced that the show was coming. They played her music, and I realized that I liked it and immediately knew I wanted to see the musical too.


Q: What songs (if any) by Donna Summer had you heard before you went to the show?


RS: The only song of Donna Summer that I knew before I went to the show was Hot Stuff. After seeing this musical, I definitely want to listen to more Donna Summer songs. 


AS: I honestly did not know much about Donna Summer before I saw the musical. The only song that I had heard of hers was Hot Stuff. The musical introduced me to a whole new list of songs that I need to check out. 


BG: I had not known any of the songs before going to the show.


FK: I knew “Love to Love You” and “She Works Hard for the Money” the best before I saw the show, and now I am definitely going to be listening to more of her songs.


Q: What volunteer position did you serve, and did anything specific stand out?


RS: My volunteer position was elevator assistance. I would order an elevator whenever a guest needed it and would provide them directions to which floor they needed to go to. I had an amazing volunteer helping me out and she was the best companion I could have asked for. She made the whole experience very enjoyable. 

AS: My volunteer position last night was at the exit doors by Guest Services. It was a great position and my fellow volunteer, Kelly, helped show me the ins and outs of that particular position. We had the very important job of making sure nobody used those doors so that the box office would not get too crowded. 


BG: Hello yes this is a chance to win free tickets to a show if you’re selected then DPAC will send you an email with a choice of four different shows, a broadway, a comedy, a concert, or a family friendly show. This was the job I had at a table with Franklin.


FK: I served at the DPAC Inclusion Project table with Blaine and told the guests about DPAC’s new inclusion program that allows people who have helped out in the community or don’t get the chance to visit DPAC very often to get to see a show for free with a VIP package. One thing that stood out to me was how interested people were in the program. They were really intrigued by it and were happy that DPAC was doing this new program.


Q: What was your favorite part of the show?


RS: My favorite part of the show was definitely whenever all three of the Donna’s were on stage. The three Donna’s were amazing (as well as the rest of the ensemble). The crowd, including me, was amazed at how well the Donna’s blended together and were almost exact replicas of the real Donna Summer. 


AS: My favorite part of the show was definitely during Hot Stuff. It was like one big dance party on stage! Everyone was singing their hearts out. 


BG: My favorite part of the show was when Donna Summer sang the duet with her future husband because it was so beautiful and I’m a sucker for love songs.


FK: My favorite part of the show was when Diva Donna and Duckling Donna would switch their roles. At some times, Diva Donna was also Donna’s mom, or Duckling Donna was Donna’s daughter. They had seamless transitions between the roles, and it allowed the audience to look at the show in a different, interesting angle.