Hip Hop and the Holidays

By Maximiliano Fernandez Escalona

I’ll have to admit, as someone who is classically trained in ballet, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy The Hip Hop Nutcracker.  I’m not really into the world of hip hop, but the atmosphere of the show was still enjoyable. The MC catered to the “old-schoolers” and “under 21” crowds equally, everyone was up dancing and clapping their hands to the beat of the “old-school” songs.  I was a bit confused and overwhelmed at first, as everything was so new to me. It wasn’t long before I began enjoying myself with the rest of the crowd, though.  

Never in a million years could someone convince me that hip hop and classical music would work so well together!  The music didn’t change much at all from the original source material, and that blew me away even more. This bold, new version of the holiday classic brings something for everyone, from the old-schoolers to the traditionalists to everyone in between and outside!  

Now, I’m working to change my outlook on the world, especially during this holiday season.  I’m going to try to keep my mind open and seek out new experiences that are far out of my comfort zone.  Who knows, I just might love them as much as I loved The Hip Hop Nutcracker! If given the chance, you’ve got to see the show, it’ll change you as much as it did I.