Mesmerized by Kansas

By Lauryn Murphy

When I signed up to go see Kansas all I knew about the band is that they sing the theme song for Supernatural. After seeing them in concert I realized they are so much more than that and have amazing songs aside from carry on my wayward son.The one thing that really stuck out to me was the chemistry between the band members. I was surprised to find that there are only two of the original band members left because it seems like they have been playing together forever.


There are two specific band members I want to talk about the lead singer and the violinist. My personal favorite was the violinist David Ragsdale. He was amazing! Not only could he phenomenally play the violin, but he also was a guitar player and a back up singer. Throughout the show he would switch between guitar and violin sometimes within the same song. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him because it was amazing how he played the violin.


The second person is the lead singer Ronnie Platt, who was also the keyboardist. During the first song I noticed him doing little hand movements when he wasn’t singing and then I realized he was doing the movements to playing the piano or the violin, it just shows how often they play together that he knows what will come next. Also his energy on stage was amazing, he would be running around the stage as if he were in his twenties.Seeing this show makes me wish I was alive during the peak of rock bands, if the atmosphere was anything like the dpac it would have been amazing.