By Jordyn Brautman


Rent is on it’s 20th anniversary tour, and is at DPAC right now! This outstanding show runs at the DPAC from January 28th until February 2nd. Thank you DPAC for granting me the opportunity to see this show, and volunteering as a DPAC Performing Arts Ambassador before the show. Last night, I volunteered at the map on the lower lobby and directed people in the correct direction so they could get to their seats. This experience was so much fun, and I was able to talk to many people, and work with my volunteer partner. My volunteer partner, Avis, was full of life, and inspired me to treat the guests as amazing as she did and always does. 


As part of the Ambassador program, I was able to see the show Rent, with great seats, sitting with my fellow ambassadors. The show itself was outstanding. The musical Rent is about the spread of AIDs  and it takes place in New York amongst a community of people all living together, while also feeling isolated together. The plot shows the relationships between all the characters, and how everyone knows everyone else. The music was outstanding, the dancing was phenomenal, and the acting was just perfection. However, the message of the show is what I was drawn to the most. How do we measure a year? With the spreading of AIDs, many people did not have long to live. Measure your life by the important times you have with your friends and family. Measure your life with the moments that made you feel something. Measure your life in love.


Rent image 2.jpg