SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical

By Jordyn Brautman

SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical is an outstanding show, with an outstanding cast. I was speechless with amazement after experiencing the story of Donna Summer and the roller coaster she went on throughout her life. This show is a party on stage! Every song will have you dancing in your seat! It was such a joy to watch the actors and actresses feel the music, and enjoy the show just like the audience. The overall experience of seeing SUMMER brought me so much joy.

 As a DPAC Performing Arts Ambassador, before the show I volunteered at the North Parking Deck before the show, where I directed people in the correct direction of the DPAC. I followed the lead of my volunteer partner, Donna. It was wonderful to get to know her and talk while volunteering; she is a wonderful person! The weather was beautiful, and I enjoyed my time volunteering and getting to know new people. With the other Performing Arts Ambassadors that attended the show too, I went to the Stage Door after the performance and met some of the actresses in the show. They were all so kind, and it was amazing to talk to them and get the chance to tell them how excellent the show was. SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical is a must see!


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