The Last Waltz - The Concert of a Lifetime

By Rachel Serre

Every time I volunteer at DPAC, I become even more amazed at the volunteers and staff. I was lucky enough to work with Steven, one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. We helped direct guests to where their seats were located. I was able to interact with the guests which made my volunteer experience even more enjoyable. Whenever guests needed our help, Steven was prepared to answer any questions they had. He taught me well as I was able to answer almost all of the questions I was asked. 


During The Last Waltz Tour 2019, I had a great time with my fellow ambassador: Grant Silver. The musicians were amazing and with DPAC's perfect acoustics, the concert was unforgettable. Each song sounded almost exactly like the original but with a few artistic changes that made the concert even more enjoyable. When the band came on stage, the crowd went wild and they kept that same energy throughout the night. People danced to each song and I could not resist the urge to dance as well. With the brilliant music and the amazing atmosphere of DPAC, I was able to experience a concert of a lifetime. 


The Last Waltz.JPG