Our Trip to Escape to Margaritaville

By Avery Patterson and Ryann Cochran


We had the opportunity to see Escape to Margaritaville, and we loved it!


One of the best things about Escape to Margaritaville is the set. The beach bungalow gives the show a Caribbean feel and creates the atmosphere for the story perfectly. Another plus of the beach bungalow is that you can see some of the band playing. It adds an awesome touch. We also enjoyed the restaurant set because the props looked usable. It was brilliant how they reused set pieces to create tons of different scenes.


Being able to see the band playing onstage made this show even more enjoyable because sometimes in theatre the band doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. It worked so well because the band fit right into the show, they didn’t seem out of place or unnecessary. We need to note that the band was phenomenal as well, and they completely helped bring the whole island aesthetic to life.


The lighting was another key element that highlighted the difference between the island, where most of the show took place, and Ohio. The lighting used on the island was very colorful and created an exciting atmosphere. The lighting used for Ohio was simplistic and created a major contrast. We also enjoyed the use of the strobe lights.  One of our favorite lighting moments was at the end of the first act.


Another factor of what makes Escape to Margaritaville a fantastic show was how everything at some point connected. When listening to a Jimmy Buffett song out of context some lyrics can seem a little funny and strange, but in the musical the creators incorporated certain props and lines that made all of the “funny and strange” lyrics in Jimmy Buffett songs make sense. Being able to connect certain props and lines to these Jimmy Buffett lyrics was such a cool and innovative idea.


Another thing we really enjoyed was the high energy of the cast. They are very impressive dancers and singers. They never seem out of breath even though there is a lot of movement on stage. They’re energy is consistent throughout the entire show. We also really enjoyed the tap numbers and the quick-changes.


Not only did all of these elements contribute to a great show but also the familiar and friendly environment of the DPAC made this show top notch. From the helpful staff to the great service it was an overall great experience!


Escape to Margaritaville is a spectacular musical! With familiar Jimmy Buffett songs and phenomenal talent, it is a treat for every audience member.


ETM Avery Pic.jpg