Behold! a Look Into the Night of a DPAC Teen Ambassador 


By Sabriya Andrews


On Wednesday , December 1st, I got to see the amazing Lauren Daigle and her band for the “Behold” show.  As an Ambassador before the show begins, I get to assist a DPAC volunteer with their job. DPAC has a plethora of fantastic volunteers that help out at each show, and it was so amazing to get to volunteer with them.


For this show I was working with Bev who recently started volunteering this year. Bev is a retired art teacher who wanted a fun way to get out of the house, so Bev and her neighbor decided to pair up and volunteer at DPAC. They take turns picking the shows each week and while Lauren Daigle wasn’t her choice she most definitely enjoyed it! Bev’s favorite part about volunteering at DPAC is getting to see people excited for shows. She loves seeing people excited to experience something new!


In conclusion , the show was amazing and I had another wonderful night as an ambassador!


Sabriya Andrews- Picture with Volunteer for Blog Post.jpg