Beyond the [DPAC]: World Tour


By Bella Nesbeth and Mia Liu


On Thursday, November 4th, we got to see The 'Beyond The Fluffy World Tour' featuring Gabriel Iglesias, Martin Moreno, and Alfred Robles. Before the show began, we were paired with DPAC volunteers to assist with the lobby maps. As one may not know, DPAC has a wonderful network of volunteers that help out at each show, and it was incredibly fun to volunteer alongside them.


Bella was paired with Denise. This is her first year as a volunteer at DPAC. Denise is a full-time volunteer and lends most of her time to a non-profit organization that she co-founded called Turner Syndrome Global Alliance. The Alliance works to include Turner Syndrome in the national conversation on genetic research. Denise was very excited to volunteer at Tootsie and is looking forward to the 25th-anniversary tour of RENT, which will be at DPAC this January! Denise's favorite part about volunteering at DPAC is getting to meet and talk to new people at each show!

My name is Mia Liu, and the volunteer I got paired up with for this wonderful show was Lynn Dimac. Lynn has been volunteering at DPAC for 2½ years and got started on her journey when she was first a season ticket holder for the Broadway series, but then enjoyed the shows and the atmosphere so much she wanted to see more. Lynn's favourite part about being a DPAC volunteer is that she finds being with and assisting the public theatre. As she says, "the atmosphere is rewarding as people who are excited and enjoy themselves are infectious." Outside of DPAC, Lynn is a librarian for Durham County and enjoys reading and walking her lovely corgi, Rhys. Additionally, Lynn loves to spend time with her family and friends as much as possible now. Future shows Lynn is looking forward to the most at DPAC are My Fair Lady and Jesus Christ Superstar and the return of Hamilton and Wicked. Lynn also fondly anticipates Broadway musicals and music concerts, especially the bands that take her back in time (Chicago, John Forerty, etc.). 

In conclusion, the show was phenomenal and gave off an ever lasting experience! Gabriel Iglesias gave an incredibly high energy and hilarious performance that kept us laughing all the way home! 


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