Guest Etiquette

At DPAC we're committed to Guest Courtesy. Please remember to be a good neighbor to those seated around you.

After the Performance

  • Yes, the lobby gets busy and the parking lots can be tricky, but please remain at your seats until the houselights come up.
  •  As a courtesy to the performers and other audience members, DPAC asks that you do not rush for the exits prematurely at the end of the performance.

Entering and Exiting the Seating Area

Please time your exits and re-entry to the seating area to occur only at intermission or breaks between songs. This is a courtesy to other guests around you who will appreciate you keeping these disruptions to a minimum.

Kids at DPAC

Please note that all guests require a ticket, regardless of age. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed at most DPAC performances including Broadway, Concerts and Comedy shows. For special age restrictions please visit the Event Page for that show on our website.

For some shows, DPAC will make recommendations on the appropriate minimum age based on the content and the length of the event. Parental discretion is always advised and judgment of the appropriateness of the content for each show should be made on an individual basis prior to purchase.

Children must be able to sit quietly in their own seat without disturbing other guests. As a further courtesy to our guests, DPAC recommends one parent or chaperone for every one child in attendance.

It Can Wait

Please also save texting until AFTER the show. The light from phones is distracting to others throughout the theater. Please keep them turned off.

It’s Superstar Entertainment, not a Food Fest

Small snacks and drinks are welcome in the seating area, but as a courtesy to those around you, eat and drink as quietly as possible. Please know that odors and noisy wrappers can disturb others. We also ask that you finish sandwiches or other large food items before entering the seating area.

Photography / Video Recording Using Mobile Phones

  • At DPAC, each event that we host determines their own policy on photography and video recording using mobile phones. We enforce these policies at their direction.  
  • Please note that GoPro’s, tablets, and cameras of any kind are prohibited at all DPAC events.
  • All Broadway shows and most comedy events prohibit photography and video recording.
  • For concerts and special events, the policy can vary widely as described below:
    • Photography and video recording using mobile phones is permitted.  
    • Photography and video recording using mobile phones is permitted; however flash photography is prohibited and video recording should be limited to short segments of no more than one song.
    • Photography and video recording using mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
  • For events that allow photography or video recording using mobile phones, we ask that you be courteous to guests behind and around you. Please know that any obtrusive use (such as holding the phone where it can block the view of other guests) or video recording longer than a single song is prohibited.  

Quiet Please

Once the show starts, please let the stage be the center of attention. We ask that you turn off all cell phones and limit conversation. If children are attending this performance with you please exit the theater immediately if they become restless or talkative.