My Hamilton Experience

by Elena Holder

Seeing Hamilton was the experience of a lifetime. I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity! The show was so impressive and the voice of the woman playing Angelica was beyond anything I had ever heard.

Though the show was amazing, the highlight of my night was being able to talk to volunteers. The amount of dedication they show to the theatre is inspiring. I talked to one woman who had been volunteering for two years, and I think her exact words were: “I volunteer because I want to give back to the theatre.” I even got partnered up with a woman who had been volunteering for nine years. She told me all about how the DPAC functions and how she had moved here from New York, but still wanted to be involved with the theatre and that’s how she got into volunteering.

The best part about volunteering at DPAC is the fact then when you’re a volunteer you’re a part of a community. Many of the people who help out are retired, and DPAC is a way for them to get out and meet new people. I love how much this volunteer program is doing for the Durham community. It makes it a lot easier for people to see shows on a budget, and it's just a fun time in general. A 10/10 show with a 10/10 experience.