Our Team


  • Bob Klaus
    General Manager
  • Stuart Klein
    Business Manager
  • Daisy Calixtro
    Administrative Assistant
  • Megan Rindoks
    Community Engagement Manager​
  • Sarah Catherine Carter
    Executive Assistant and Guest Experience Manager
  • Nick Bittinger
    Information Technology Manager


  • Rachel Traversari
    Senior Director of Marketing
  • Candice Terrell
    Assistant Director of Marketing- Concerts, Comedy, & Special Events
  • Josette Roten
    Marketing & PR Manager- Broadway
  • Annsley Tarver
    Marketing & Promotions Coordinator - Concerts & Comedy
  • Taylor Zansberg
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Bryant Chappell
    Marketing Coordinator - Broadway
  • Ken Huth
    House Photographer
  • Colin Huth
    House Photographer
  • Andy Martin 
    House Photographer


  • Brad Saks
    Director of Programming- Concerts, Comedy & Special Events
  • Sam Yancey
    Programming Assistant

Audience and Event Services

  • Michael Louthan
    Director of Audience and Event Services
  • Michaela Ashworth
     Event Manager
  • Lonnie Barfield
    Overnight Security Manager
  • Brooke Jones
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Debi Cheek
    Johnson Lexus President's Club Hospitality Coordinator

  • William Henderson
    Johnson Lexus President's Club Hospitality Coordinator

Event Staff Supervisors

  • Tawan Alexander
  • Angela Andrews
  • Kristine Balluyota
  • Barbara Berro
  • Jerry Boylan
  • Bryson Byrd
  • Joshua Cosby
  • Cordelia Davis
  • Patti Dickson
  • Catherine Evans
  • Michelle Frost
  • Astrid Gatling
  • Edward Gerhardt
  • Anne Infinito
  • Jacob Holbrook
  • Rebecca Klein
  • Regina McNair
  • Wilhelmina Rice
  • Zeda Rochelle
  • Karen Scher
  • Sylvia Staggs
  • Aundrea Sterling

Facility Operations

  • Matthew Johnson
    Director of Facility Operations
  • Rick Roberts
    Facility Operations Manager
  • Sam Klaus
    Facility Operations Tech
  • Brandon Gentry
    Facility Operations Tech
  • Greg Jacek
    Facility Operations Tech
  • Kevin Feeley
    Facility Operations Tech
  • Charah Wheeler
    Facility Operations Tech
  • Tyler Criso
    Facility Operations Tech
  • Cornell Holland
    Facility Operations Tech

Corporate Partnerships

  • Allison Panella
    Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Harper Cleland
    Sponsor Services Manager

Food & Beverages

  • Dan Braman
    General Manager Food Services & Hospitality Spectra by Comcast-Spector
  • Aisha McWilliams
    Spectra Office Manager


  • Kelley Monts de Oca
    Director of Ticketing
  • Jessica Fennig
    Assistant Director of Ticketing
  • Michael Washington
    Senior Manager of Ticketing  & Customer Care
  • Keystra Williams
    Ticketing Manager - Broadway & Season Member Services
  • Steve Landrus
    Ticketing Manager - Customer Care
  • Jacob Holland
    Johnson Lexus President's Club- Membership Manager
  • Amy Brown
    Ticketing Supervisor
  • Ashanta Scarlett
    Ticketing Supervisor
  • Camille Smith
    Ticketing Supervisor
  • Betsy Kessler
    Group Services Coordinator









  • Josh Anderson
    Technical Director
  • Steve Martin
    Production Manager
  • Joshua Aldridge
    Head Electrician
  • Karen Byers
    Head Props
  • Karen McClanahan
    Head Wardrobe
  • Les Wells
    Head Carpenter/Flyman
  • Brian Hunt
    Head Audio