Our Team


  • Bob Klaus
    General Manager
  • Samantha Yancey
    Business Manager
  • Kris McLean
    Human Resources Specialist
  • Murphy Burdick
    IT Manager
  • Ashley Morgan
    Guest Experience Manager
  • Megan Rindoks
    Director of Community Engagement​
  • Madeline Pitchford
    Administrative Assistant


  • Jessica Fennig
    Director of Ticketing
  • Michael Washington
    Assistant Director of Ticketing - Customer Care
  • Amy Brown
    Assistant Director of Ticketing - Operations
  • Lauren Kelly
    President's Club Manager
  • Zelda Cromwell
    Ticketing Manager - Customer Care
  • Tori Washington
    Ticketing Manager - Operations
  • Natalie Wick
    Group Services Manager
  • Juanita Harris
    Ticketing Supervisor
  • Joseph Cassady
    Ticketing Supervisor

Marketing & Sales

  • Candice Terrell
    Senior Director of Marketing & Sales
  • Josette Roten
    Director of Marketing & Sales
  • Emma Tonnemacher
    Marketing Manager - Broadway
  • Katy Shepperson
    Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Alison Richard
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Ken Huth
    House Photographer
  • Colin Huth
    House Photographer
  • Andy Martin 
    House Photographer
  • Michael Gillman
    House Photographer

Programming- Concerts, Comedy, & Special Events

  • Brad Saks
    Director of Programming- Concerts, Comedy & Special Events
  • Shelby Scroggin
    Programming Coordinator - Concerts & Comedy


  • Josh Anderson
    Director of Production
  • Brian Hunt
    Production Manager
  • Zach Alexander
    Head Electrician
  • Les Wells
    Head Carpenter/Flyman
  • Dave Stephens
    Head Audio
  • Heather Klausner

    Head Props

  • Karen McClanahan

    Head Wardrobe

Audience & Event Services

  • Claire Myers
    Director of Audience & Event Services
  • Bridget Sagolla-Slamp
    Audience Services Manager
  • Event Staff Supervisors

    Tawan Alexander

    Angela Andrews 

    Terri Banks

    Chelsea Barlow

    Phyllis Carrington

    Bobby Cooke

    Joshua Cosby

    Michelle Frost
    Astrid Gatling

    Edward Gerhardt

    Jacob Holbrook
    Chrystal Holmes

    Cordelia Holloway

    Becky Klein

    Deborah Langhans

    Regina McNair

    Wilhelmina Rice

    Zeda Rochelle

    Christine Stachowicz

    Willie Walker

  • Nic Beery
    Volunteer Coordinator

Facility - Maintenance, Operations, & Safety

  • Natalie Carter
    Director of Safety & Security
  • Lester Holmes
    Facility Maintenance Manager
  • Rick Roberts
    Facility Operations Manager
  • Jason Olsen
    Facility Operations Supervisor
  • Lonnie Barfield
    Event Operations Technician
  • JaPreme Hatfield
    Event Operations Technician
  • Rebecca Petrohoy
    Event Operations Technician

Oak View Group - Food Services & Hospitality

  • Dan Braman
    Director of Food & Beverage
  • Aisha McWilliams
    Office Manager