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Fan Testimonials

Sister Act

Show was outstanding. The individual that attended with me said "I would love to come back on Sunday and see it again."

Ann (Durham) - May 20, 2013

Sister Act

Sister Act was so much fun. What a way to end the season! This season has been so spectacular, I wish we could repeat the whole thing. Hallelujah and a big Amen to all the Sisters!

Gary (Greensboro) - May 19, 2013

Sister Act

I took my 10 year grandson to see Sisters Act and he looked forward to buying some jelly beans from the cart in the lobby. As we were walking away he was bumps and he dropped the bag…

John (Vass) - May 19, 2013

Sister Act

DPAC is one of the best things to ever happen to Durham and Sister Act was the perfect ending to the best season yet. Keep up the great work!

Lucinda (Durham) - May 15, 2013

Sister Act

A fun, enjoyable, and funny show! Great costumes and singing. We laughed throughout the evening. A great way to end this season of Broadway shows.

Eric (Durham) - May 15, 2013

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