Dear Evan Hansen - A Heart Opening Performance


by Bethany Graham


Dear Evan Hansen is one of the best productions that I have had the privilege of seeing. Complex messages, a talented cast, and amazing set design gave the show a unique feel. As a chorus kid, I have a great appreciation for Dear Evan Hansen’s music. It is one thing for me to listen to the soundtrack, and even more amazing to hear the talented artists live. The set design was impeccable and captivating. The infusion of technology and moving structures is astonishing. It’s wonderful to see how the DPAC makes use of their space from production to production.


Dear Evan Hansen has the perfect mix of humor and serious themes. One of my favorite messages throughout the musical is that no one deserves to feel alone or to disappear. Dear Evan Hansen is a show that everyone needs to see because it brings awareness to mental health issues, especially in young adults and teenagers. Often times we are pushed into corners and feel that there is no way out, but there is always a glimpse of hope. Seeing multiple perspectives through the character development in the musical gives the audience insight on how the themes effect multiple people.

The performance left me thinking: what is my impact on other people’s lives? One of the ongoing themes throughout the production is you never know how much you mean to someone. It challenges the audience to be a true, positive, influence in life, you never know what someone may be going through.