Volunteering at DPAC


By Cameron Elliott 


This new volunteer experience at DPAC might have been my favorite. This time I had the awesome opportunity of doing Playbill distribution. The other volunteers I was with did a great job of making sure everyone received a Playbill. Everyone in the front lobby seemed to have a positive attitude and were open to helping every guest get to their destination. One of the volunteers named Rick had many people ask him for directions, in which he pointed out the way to go on the map. I have to say that the front lobby was the busiest place in the DPAC, yet it was super fun to greet all the guests and assure them to enjoy the show. The guests walking in are already excited to watch the show, and I believe the postive attitude of the volunteers makes the DPAC a place that everyone wants to go to. Just greeting the guests seemed to put a smile on their faces, and to me, a simple smile is one of the best things about working at the DPAC