What Makes Dear Evan Hansen So Special


Dear Evan Hansen is a show unlike any other. From the story to the sounds to the visuals, it was captivating, heartbreaking, and relevant. The cast was one perfectly chosen to tell this story. Every actor showcased unparalleled talent. Ben Levi Ross as Evan Hansen was phenomenal, bringing so much vulnerability to Evan, all while effortlessly executing his vocals. One of my favorite aspects of the show is the fluid mix of realism and stylism; there were traditional scenes going on, but stylistic moments in songs and technology. I loved the contrast of loud and quiet used to represent the ever-present buzz of technology, and the emptiness one is left with when pushed away. The way Dear Evan Hansen was executed as a whole was amazing.


My favorite part about theatre is the community formed. Everything you experience in the theatre, you experience with someone else. That audience is there along for the ride with you–you laugh and cry together. What’s specific to the theatre, however, is the connection the audience and show have. During that show and moment, everything that’s onstage is experienced by everyone in the room–actor and audience alike. That intake of breath, that chill.

Dear Evan Hansen is filled with these moments. I found myself getting goosebumps during almost every song, and hearing gasps and sniffles from around the room. Thank you, DPAC, for providing me with such a fantastic opportunity to both see the show and to attend the cast party. It was an experience I’ll never forget.



At my Volunteer post, handing out Playbills.



At the Cast Party, with Christine Noll, who plays Cynthia Murphy.


DEH3.jpgWith Jessica Phillips, who plays Heidi Hansen.




With Maggie McKenna, who plays Zoe Murphy.