Fiddler on the Roof Reviews

Franklin Kennedy's Review

Seeing Fiddler on the Roof at DPAC was a sentimental experience for me. Not only was Fiddler the show that got me interested in theater, but also my very first Broadway musical, nine years ago. At intermission, my dad asked me if I wanted to go home, but I insisted on staying for the second act. I was only seven years old, so it is not very surprising that I only remember bits and pieces of the show (I also fell asleep halfway through the second act). I enjoyed going to see Fiddler on the Roof again because it reintroduced me to the musical that sparked my love of Broadway. 

One of the surprises of going to Fiddler on the Roof was the cast party that followed the show. After the performance got out, Katie, the other ambassador, and I walked over to Tyler’s Taproom where we had the chance to meet the cast members and talk with them. We had a conversation with Jeffrey Brooks, Constable, and Ruthy Froch, Hodel. They gave us acting tips and helpful advice, which were both greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again, DPAC for another out-of-the-park show!

Fun-Filled Fiddler by Katie MacDougal

Fiddler on the Roof was a fun-filled show, that kept the audience on the edge of their seats with lots of impressive dance numbers, heartfelt songs, and a very unexpected ending.

I went into the show, not knowing what to expect. I only knew one song and none of the story line. I was definitely intrigued with the whole story, and Fiddler on the Roof definitely impressed me. The one thing I thought I knew was that the whole musical is based around a Fiddler on a Roof....I don't want to give any spoilers but let's just say you'd be very surprised.

Afterwards I got the amazing opportunity to talk to Jeff Brooks, who introduced himself to me as the "villain" the Constable. He had some great advice about performing on stage in front of such a large audience and reminded us it's ok to have stage fright, we just need to use it to our advantage and to let it push us. I thought that it was such a great reminder that even the biggest stars on stage still get a couple butterflies in their stomachs.

I also asked him about how it is performing at DPAC compared to other theaters that tours visit. He said the we were so lucky to have such a nice facility because not all theaters have such luxuries that the DPAC has. Overall I was very happy to talk to some cast members and getting a real insight to how musicals really work backstage.