A LIVELY Experience


Review of Live From Here with Chris Thile


By: Frances Gray Riggs


Live From Here is an incredibly diverse, wildly zany, and wonderfully musical experience.  The much loved radio show only gets better when performed live.  Nothing can compare to the quirks and comradery that are evoked throughout the show that leave you feeling fulfilled.  This show has always been a staple in my life and my appreciation for it has only grown through this experience.  Chris Thile is the epitome of fun and exudes charisma. He was so kind and down-to-earth, and his talent is breathtaking. Not only can he play the mandolin and other instruments with calculated skill, he can also host and connect with those he sees on and off stage. The variety of this show is like no other and can be enjoyed by virtually everyone. One moment you are tapping your toes, the next you are starry eyed as you listen to poetry, and the next you have tears welling up from laughter. This show is an experience that will stay with me forever, and it will continue to shape listeners for generations to come.


Frances at Live From Here.jpg