Tap Dogs: The BEST show I have ever seen


by: Elena Holder


Tap Dogs: The BEST show I have ever seen. I had been to a tap show before this one. It was one put on by the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble and they were incredibly talented! They had one act where they added things like extra beats using plastic and trash cans and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. However, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it when I went to the Tap Dogs show. I assumed it would be a bunch of people on stage banging their feet against the floor. I didn't think that they would add too much to it. I assumed it would be them just tapping the whole time.


I was wrong. 


Their set was built in the coolest way. There were multiple levels. Each level had a unique purpose for one of their dances. At one point it was broken in half, at another point it was in 4 parts going up. That set could do anything. A guy even tapped UPSIDE DOWN. He actually was tapping ON THE CEILING. They had him hooked in so that he could hang from the top of the stage and make a beat. They took tap to places tap had never been: the ceiling. I cannot emphasize this enough: THIS MAN WAS ON THE CEILING. I also appreciated that they each had a character. One of them was clearly the buff one. He took off his shirt and he was flexing the entire time. One of them was actually 17 and played a hopeless flirt. Another one of them was a funny dancer who was just hilarious to watch. They made it so much more than just dance. They made it art. I have never really enjoyed a show that much. It was like nothing I had ever seen. I currently follow a few of them on Instagram. I would have never attended this show without me being selected for it. I am SO happy I got the opportunity to see this amazing production. I will say it again: this is the greatest show I have ever seen. I loved it so so much. I would see it twenty more times if I could. This show really introduced me to how fun dance can be to watch. I'm going to try and figure out the next time I can go and see a professional tap show because this was beyond amazing. 


So to conclude, Tap Dogs was an incredibly enjoyable experience that I am so grateful for!