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Thoughts on The Piano Guys


I went into this concert knowing very little about The Piano Guys-- I recall having seen some of their covers online before, but I had never done much research into them or their music. Lucky for me, Jon Schmidt, the pianist of the band, and Steve Nelson, the cellist, recounted the story of how The Piano Guys formed. Originally, they started posting videos online in an advertising effort for Paul Anderson, current videographer for the band, who was unfortunately out recovering from a back injury and unable to be at the show I attended. Although they didn’t manage to achieve their original goal-- Steve cracked a joke about the immense feats in YouTube views they have achieved, and yet how they have never sold a single piano-- with Paul’s store now out of business, they have managed to achieve something much more exciting. Thursday night was The Piano Guys’ third time performing in Durham, and they did so to a sold-out crowd, and I can see why. Perhaps I am a bit biased as a piano student for over a decade who very much enjoys creating piano arrangements of popular music, but I do not think it can be argued that these men are incredibly talented, both as composers and arrangers and as musicians. Their cover of Vivaldi's "Winter" mashed up with "Let It Go" from Frozen gave me chills, pardon the pun. However, I think that even someone who doesn’t necessarily appreciate music quite as much would still have a great time at this show: Jon and Steve have a great rapport, and spent a pretty decent chunk of their two hour show going back and forth cracking jokes and poking fun at each other. Seeing The Piano Guys was like going to a stand-up comedy show, a rock concert, and a classical music performance, all under one ticket! This show is not something I would have gone to otherwise, but I am so grateful and glad that, thanks to DPAC, I was able to experience something that really inspired me as a musician. It may not be for a while, but I imagine The Piano Guys will be back here in Durham someday-- if you get a chance, go check them out!