Volunteering at DPAC


By: Cameron Elliott


Volunteering with the DPAC has been one of the most thrilling experiences. This time I had the great opportunity of volunteering with the lobby assistance. One of the biggest things I noticed with lobby assistance was that they positioned people at every entrance and every floor to greet the people that were entering. This way the people were able to have their playbills and find their seats easily. I also observed how open the volunteers were with helping the guests, as they greeted them with a smile, welcomed them, and assured them to enjoy the show.


If any of the guests were looking for directions, the volunteers showed them the most convenient way of getting to their destination. They were also able to answer every question such as when the show started, where their seats were, etc. The volunteer named Doris was extremely good at helping out every guest that came through the door. The lobby assistance is also a very busy position, as you have to help out all the people that are coming through the doors.  Overall, I had a great time helping out the guests and spending time with the other volunteers, as they are very nice people. I enjoyed working at this position, and I'm very excited to visit the DPAC for my next volunteer position.