Renting DPAC


Reserving Dates


As the operators of DPAC, Nederlander and PFM have contracted with the City of Durham for the exclusive rights to stage events at DPAC. Based on calendar availability and the viability of proposed events, DPAC will at times make open dates available for rental by outside groups.


Our event calendar is busy and competition for open dates is very high. While we would like to host every event possible at DPAC, we apologize that we cannot accommodate all requests. Priority for open dates is given to in-house events presented by DPAC which require as many as 300 dates per year.


No date is guaranteed or should be considered firm until a signed contract is executed along with payment of all applicable deposits.


For events where tickets will be sold to the general public, rental clients must provide proof of a successful track record of presenting events in large theaters or other venues of 2,000 seats or more. In addition, rental clients for ticketed events must demonstrate the commercial viability of their presentation including a marketing plan designed to deliver sales of at least 1,500 tickets.


Please note: For locally produced events, private events, or events where tickets are not sold to the public (including weddings, business meetings, seminars, and graduations), dates cannot be reserved more than 90 days prior to the date of interest. While we understand that this timetable does not meet the goals of some community events, special event planners, or other potential rental clients, we have found that this policy of calendar management best fits our primary mission of hosting the biggest Broadway, concert, comedy, and special events on tour.

Available Rental Spaces

Performance Theater

The atmosphere inside DPAC is contemporary yet comfortable, with vibrant red carpeting and warm wood accents. There are over 2,700 seats distributed on three levels (1,400 on the Orchestra floor, 600 in the Grand Tier, and 700 in the Balcony) with the furthest seat only 135 feet from the center stage. Rental rates range from $22,500 to $32,500 per event and include Rent, Event Staff, Housekeeping & Clean-up, Production Equipment (Sound and Lights), Public Safety Staff (Police, Fire Watch, Traffic Control & Pedestrian Crossing Guards), Ticketing, Security, and Utilities.

Next Steps

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