Our Visit to The Band's Visit

By Grant, Avery, Ellie, and Apoorva


The Band's Visit was an amazing musical, the sounds of the instruments blending with all the actors & actresses voices was amazing. It was also very funny, the humor caught us off guard since we didn’t really know what the musical was about. The story and themes were super easy to follow along to as well as the scenes and characters. 


What was really amazing was the set. Even though it had limited colors, it created such a realistic atmosphere. It convinced the audience that they were really in Betah Tikva. The tinted lightning used created such a cool dessert effect. The disco effects used in the roller skating scene were also brilliant. The show had wonderful uses for the revolve that were especially impressive during the opening and closing number.  


A huge highlight of the show was definitely the band which the show was built around. Being a police band from Egypt, they used lots of different instruments that many people in the western world would not think of a traditional band using. One of these instruments was an oud which is a short lute esque string instrument that was similar to a guitar. Other instruments the main band used included trumpets, violins, oboes and a darbuka also known as a “goblet drum” which is a type of drum that was used in ancient cultures dating back to Mesopotamia. These instruments gave the music an eastern sound which you do not hear in many current musicals. 


In conclusion, the show was amazing. If you have a chance, go see The Band’s Visit. Your eyes, and ears will be in for a treat!